"Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up."

-Pablo Picasso

Award winning artist with an innate eye-for-detail for clients ranging from celebrities, models, bridal groups, and disadvantaged individuals since 2005.


Vanessa Rene was born and raised in Southern California, loving and gravitating towards makeup and hairstyling since she was a child. Ever since receiving the Kevyn Aucoin "Face Forward" book at the age of 13, she knew that was it. Aspiring and dreaming to one day reach for the stars just like the ones she studied in that book. She would apply makeup on herself for hours, mimicking the ones she studied just to wash it off and do it all over again, mastering her craft and developing discipline in her art. She never gave up on her dreams knowing that hard work, kindness, and dedication were going to be the key to success.


Vanessa Rene has never been a stranger to art in all forms. Vanessa was a well known live-artist in the local Southern California art scene. She would paint live in front of thousands of people on a canvas as part of the entertainment. Un-afraid to create art in front of  a crowd of people. This has helped Vanessa keep a steady hand and a calm demeanor in high demand situations.


This kind of drive has taken Vanessa to become an award winning artist and partner of Tower 40 Salon in the heart of Los Angeles, who strives to find the beauty in all people and things, with an emphasis in enhancing one's own natural beauty. 

“It is far more important to help a woman feel beautiful no matter what, makeup is just simply my tool for helping her discover herself.”
— Kevyn Aucoin

Vanessa Rene's work has been featured in world-renowned magazines, such as

Vanity Fair, Runway Magazine, Allure, & OC Bride Magazine

as well as on a variety of hit TV shows, national commercials, and music videos. From the cast of Little Women of LA and Atlanta, BET's According to Him and Her, KCAL9 News and Disney's Adventures of Babysitting, commercials such as Scion and Gossip Girl-Acapolco and American Family Insurance with Kevin Durant and JJ Watt, to Jason Derulo "Trumpets and Matthew Morrison from Glee "Don't Mean a Thing".


Vanessa's confidence, empathy, communication, eye-for-detail, and light touch has made her a favorite among celebrities, directors, musicians, and brides.